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Care for your wood floors:

Sweep or Vacuum your floors at least once a week. It is important to get all the grit and dirt off the floor. Sand and Dirt act like sand paper on your floor and wear down the finish.

Never use water to mop your hardwood floor. Vinegar and water seem like and economical way to clean your floor, but it is not recommended. Vinegar is an acid, and it will break down the finish over time on the surface of the floor, it will also reduce the shine and leave your floor with a dull appearance. Also, don't use mop and bucket, which leads to an excessive amount of water on the wood floor.

What should I use to clean my wood floor with then? Fine spray mist cleaners and products that are specifically made for wood floors.

Use felt pads under your furniture legs. Scratch and scuff protectors can be found at most hardware stores, and they are available in all shapes and sizes.

Keep your pet's nails trimmed. Indoor cats and dogs, when running around on hardwood floors, can cause damage over time to your hardwood Floor. Even the most durable floor finishes will not prevent animal nail scratches.

Use area rugs at the main entrances of your house. Small rugs collect dirt from your shoes, so you can have less on your wood floor.

Use area rugs that have a sealed bottom to prevent water exposure. Water and liquids drop from ice makers, sinks, dishwashers, toilets, and pet bowls.

Use plastic trays under plants that are on the hardwood floor. Constant moisture exposure from the moist plant soil will cause the floor expansion and discoloration of the area.

If Possible, avoid direct sun light to your wood floor. Use blinds, curtains, etc. We recommend UV blocking window film on glass that exposes direct sunlight to the hardwood floor.



Routine Maintenance:

With today's advances in hard wood floor stains and finishes, cleaning your hardwood floor has never been easier. Regular maintenance requires little more than sweeping with a soft bristle broom or vacuuming with soft floor attachment.



Preventive Maintenance:

There are steps you can take to minimize maintenance and maintain the beauty of your hard wood floor.

Self polishing acrylics, waxes and oils cause wood to become slippery and appear dull quickly - making it necessary to strip your floor before they can be re-coated. Use the proper hard wood floor cleaner instead.

Use throw rugs both inside and outside of doors to help prevent dirt, grit and other debris from being tracked on your hard wood floor.

Do not wet mop with water.

Wipe up spills immediately.

Put soft plastic or fabric glides under the legs of your furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching.

Avoid walking on your wood floor with cleats, and high heals. This kind of impact can dent any wood floor.

Place area rugs in front of sinks, dishwashers and refrigerators whenever possible.

Use a humidifier during the winter months to minimize cracks and gaps in your wood floor.

Keep your pets nails trimmed - Pet Urine can spot wood floor finish, penetrate into the wood and leave a stain.

Sunlight can cause dis-colorization over time. Curtains, blinds and sheer drapes help protect your hardwood floor from UV rays.

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